About the Prairie Girls

Danie is a native Nebraskan. Susie is a transplant who has called Nebraska home for more than 20 years. Both girls are avid knitters, and Danie is a burgeoning spinner. Susie is making a show of trying to resist Danie’s dance of Spinning Seduction but isn’t really fooling anyone.

8 thoughts on “About the Prairie Girls

  1. could you discuss when you started knitting/Spinning and who taught you. This convo could last for hours…love you podcast! enjoy listening to you at work, but the only crappy thing is I can’t pick up my needles… Happy Knitting

  2. Hi Girls, I just recently started listening to your podcast because of an enthusiastic recommendation from Paula\the knitting pipeline. I am so glad I did! Your informative funny and a great pick me up but also an inspiration to a new knitter. I’ve done two scarves and now working on my first pair of socks. I’m interested to know your opinion on a tube sock pattern. Would that be easier for me to start with and then work my way up to separate heal and toe? I can’t wait to hear your advise. Thanks for being my knitting buddies and making me laugh:)

    • Hi Patty! So glad you found us, and that you’re enjoying the show! I think that a tube sock would probably be easiest to start with (since it’s just a tube with a toe!), but I’m not sure they are the best fitting socks for adults. And as so many sock knitters say, turning a heel is magic no matter how many times you’ve done it, so you’d be missing out on that as well. I’m a pretty big proponent of just jumping in and trying new things, so I’d say pick a construction you’re interested in trying and go for it! Thanks again for listening!

  3. Thanks Susie, I appreciate your your insight. The pattern is going fine so far but from what I’ve heard you find out the stitches don’t match up when you get to the heel. I’m still working on the first 5 inches and then will start the decrease for mid calf and ankle. We’ll see how that goes. I look forward to the time I set aside each day to listen to yourpodcast and knit along with it. Question, in a recent episode you talked about attending a festival in Des Moines. Would you give me the name of that and does that run every year? Thanks

    • It’s the Iowa Sheep & Wool festival at the Jasper County fairgrounds in Colfax, IA. It is an annual event, and I believe it’s held the second weekend in June (not 100% sure on which weekend, but it is mid-June). It’s definitely a smaller festival, but one Danie and I enjoy. If you check it out one of these years, let us know! We’d love to meet you!

  4. I’m a new listener and I am loving your podcast. I love the way you laugh together! Hope you enjoy the retreat wish I lived closer.

    Listening from the Philadelphia area

    • I’m from Philadelphia too!
      The KnitMoreGirls recommend you so I decided to listen. Fun!
      Where do you post your show notes or don’t you have them?

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