Episode 137 – Wait For It….

In this episode, you really need to wait for it because it’s so worth it.^ Danie does a balancing act, and if Susie could wink, she totally would have.

ListenĀ here.

Stuff & Things

Simma down now!

Finished Projects

Susie started and finished her Soldotna Crop since the last episode and within that same week also finished her Holly. She also finished her Life’s a Peach Socks.

Current Projects

Danie swatched (like, *really* swatched) for a Jilted, which is her Mother’s Day Cast-On.

Susie worked on her The Shallow Voice of Reason Socks and her Blue Jeans & Tie-Dyed T-Shirts Socks. She also cast on a new pair of striped socks using Must Stash Yarn Perfect Must Match in the Ready Player One colorway. She also worked on her Moonquake and cast on her Mother’s Day Cast-On project – the Siberian rustic shawl using a thing for string Himalayan Sock in undyed and Stained.

Enhance the Stash

Susie enhanced her stash with a skein of Suburban Stitcher Merino DK in theĀ April 2019 Park Passport Yarn Club – Carrizo Plain National Monument colorway.

^No Prairie Girls were harmed during the recording of this episode.