Episode 121 – Skippers Need Not Apply

In this episode, there are so many tangents. So many. Maybe too many. Susie recovers from issues with her edge stitches, and Danie prepares to zoom.

Listen here.

Stuff & Things

Susie gives a huge thanks to all the test knit volunteers!

Check out Tightly Spun podcast!


The Legend-Prairie contest is on through January 31st, so get your entry in! Danie’s project this year is her re-visited Handspun Elda Cardigan, and Susie’s is her Roughlock Fall Shawl (first & second).

And don’t forget the on-going Loosey-Goosey Sweater KAL!

Finished Projects

Susie finished her Hellebore shawl.

Current Projects

Susie cast on a Cypress Hat using Lavender Lune Yarn Co. DK in the Critters of Texas colorway leftover from her Origami Top Hat. She’s also worked quite a bit on her Tracie after a (not so) minor son of stitch concerning eyelets not lining up followed by a wonky edge stitch, and a little bit on her Ryo.

Danie knit on her Daelyn Pullover , her 2018 New Year Socks, and her Jaywalkers. She also picked up her Stained Glass Sock Blanket and it was just what she needed.

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