Episode 113 – Heel Today, Gone Tomorrow

In this episode, the girls have no clue what they’re going to talk about but quickly figure something out. Susie has news and tangents, and Danie perseveres through more heel issues.

Listen here.


The girls will be having a pop-up at Imagiknit in October! Details to come!

Finished Projects

Susie finished her Weekend Pullover, and it is pretty adorable.

Current Projects

Susie started a Pebble Beach Shawl out of Leading Men Fiber Arts Diva in the Yarnhoarder colorway.

Danie added a square to her Stained Glass Sock Blanket (not her WeekEnder Hexi Blanket). She also put a 5th heel into her Downpour Socks which didn’t work, but has a new heel plan in place.

Project: Reconsideration

Susie reconsidered her Vedai. It has languished far too long, and she’s just doesn’t love it anymore. She is very taken with Ryo, however, which is likely what the yarn will become.

Danie reconsidered her Staring at Stars out of Miss Babs’ Yowza in the Denim colorway. She is considering striping the yarn with some of her early hand-dyed in a Cattails or a Naima.

Enhance the Stash

A big thank you to It’s All About Ewe for sending preview skeins of her self-striping in the Falling Stars and Fluorite colorways!

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