Episode 109 – Reunited

In this episode, the girls are back together and in front of the mic! Susie is moved, and Danie has been crocheting like the wind.

Listen here.

Stuff & Things

Susie is excited to announce the release of her Directional Socks pattern!


The Mid-Plains Fiber Fair is April 21-23, 2017, at the York County Fairgrounds in York, Nebraska!

Finished Projects

Danie finished a knit washcloth.

Susie finished her Earl Grey Socks, a pair of fingering weight baby bonnets, and a pair of worsted weight baby bonnets (one knit from leftovers from this cardigan).

Current Projects

Susie worked just a little bit on her Vedai, knit her Timber Bay almost to the crown decreases,  and continued on with her Downpour Socks. She also started a Serenata Shawlette out of handspun from Sarah/mrsshoo, and a second pair of Atlantic Current Socks using Marigoldjen Yarns BFL/Nylon Sock in Merry & Bright. She also worked quite a bit on her Oh! Scrap Blanket, finishing 5 squares for a total of 19 done out of a projected 63.

Danie worked on her WeekEnder Hexi Blanket, started her Kiku Monkey using the Chinese New Year Monkey pattern, and she picked back up a pair of knit socks.

Enhance the Stash

Susie’s stash was enhanced with a skein of With Pointed Sticks Fountain Pen in Sunsets on the Eastside colorway. She’s planning on knitting a Luna Viridis, and it may be her 2017 Mother’s Day Cast-On, if she can hold out that long.


Susie shares a bit about her packing/moving/unpacking experiences and things she found helpful for downsizing during the process, and the girls both talk about toy-wrangling/purging they’ve used.

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