Episode 98 – Prairie Girls Potpourri

In this episode, the girls chat about all manner of things. Danie decides to mull over sweater hem options, and Susie introduces a new segment.

Listen here.


Thank you to quiltercaroline for sending us copies of her new pattern Grandma’s Flower Garden!

Go check out PACE with One Twisted Tree and Imagined Landscapes and rock the vote!


To enter to win wool wash from Dusty Tree Soap, post in the thread telling us which soap(s) you’d love to try! Two winners will be randomly selected.

Current Projects

Susie continued working on her second Newborn Bonnet & Wrap Set, and is on track to finish by the end of the week. She also cast on a Slo’ Moe using various leftovers, and worked a bit on her Threshold. She finished the first of her Ripple Ribbed Socks and is cruising down the leg of the second.

Danie picked back up her First Hermione’s Everyday Socks, and finished the body of her handspun cardigan. She’s less than thrilled with the bottom hem treatment, and will be swatching alternatives. She also finished the first of her Dude Socks, and is zooming on the second, and started a new weaving project.

Future Projects

Susie will be knitting Trego with the handspun Danie so generously gave her.

Enhance the Stash

The girls both picked up a beautiful three-color shawl kit from Sun Valley Fibers. Stay tuned for more exciting details!

New to Me

If you’re a fan of Hamilton, you’ll want to check out the audio podcast The Room Where It’s Happening.

Danie is very much enjoying her Leaf by Bellabeat, a health tracker created with women specifically in mind.

Susie is loving the soap and wool wash from Dusty Tree Soap.


Susie introduces a new, occasional segment where she’ll talk about her efforts to simplify various aspects of her life. In this first installment, she talks about her initial efforts at downsizing kid toys and her clothes.

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