Episode 94 – Prairie Girls Potpourri Post-ZK2016

In this episode, the girls recount their wonderful ZK2016 experiences.

Listen here.

Miscellaneous items mentioned include Susie’s Overlynd sweater.


Enter to win a skein of Merino Singles Fingering in the Jewellic Dark colorway from Spark Story! In the contest Ravelry thread, tell us what Spark Story colorways you would put together in a multi-colored shawl (such as Leventry).

Finished Projects

Susie finished both her Leventry shawl and her Waiting For Rain shawl.

Current Projects

Danie worked on her Dude Socks, her Royal Socks, and her First Hermione’s Everyday Socks. She also made significant progress on her Rhinebeck Campside Cardi – hitting the major milestone of splitting for sleeves and zooming down the body.

Susie picked back up her Glenfiddich sweater and finished a couple more squares on her Oh Scrap Blanket. She also started newborn wrap as a commission, and worked more on her Circuitous Ribbed Socks, cast on a sock test knit using KnitKnot Studios SlipKnot Sock in Freaky Friday. She also made progress on her A Night at the Theatre after resolving a son of a stitch.

Enhance the Stash

Both girls enhanced their stashes far too much to link individually! If you’re curious about Susie’s enhancements in particular, she managed to update her stash on Ravelry.

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