Episode 90 – 2016 Knitting Whims

In this episode, the girls share their current knitting whims. Susie tries to let go mismatched tippy toes and heels, and Danie incorporates bread storage into a dress.

Listen here.


The winner of the Pomball Hat Collection by Sarah Schira of  Imagined Landscapes was announced!

Finished Projects

Susie finally finished her Fork in the Road Socks. The stripes match all the way til the very ends of the second sock’s heel and toe.

Danie finished her Anna dress. She fully lined it and added pockets. She also finished some baby booties.

Current Projects

Susie worked on her Spectrum, and her Choice Bit of Calico. She also started the littlest of this year’s picture sweaters, and decided to add a layer of complexity and design it.

Danie worked on her Suburban Prairie Socks, and her SuperBowl Rainbow Socks.