Episode 89 – Easter Egg Hunt 2016

In this potpourri episode, the girls have a great time hiding Easter eggs.

Listen here.


Enter to win the Pomball Hat Collection by Sarah Schira of  Imagined Landscapes! In the contest Ravelry thread, tell us what you would pomball if you could pomball anything.

Finished Projects

Susie finished her Suburban Prairie Socks.

Danie finished her Awesome Socks.

Current Projects

Susie worked on her Choice Bit of Calico, and started a Spectrum by Joji Locatelli using Spark Story Merino Singles Fingering in Silver Cloud and Jewellic Dark. She also picked back up her Fork in the Road Socks.

Danie worked on her Stained Glass Sock Blanket, and her own Suburban Prairie Socks. She is modifying them to be toe-up and customized them to her own preferred stitch count, so check out her project page for details.

Enhance the Stash

The girls were both gifted Shawl Sacks from Studio in the Green, and they adore them. Susie also received her first handspun yarn from a dear friend, and Danie got a fantastic bag from the Rusted Stitch.

One thought on “Episode 89 – Easter Egg Hunt 2016

  1. What a fun idea for an episode! I haven’t been listening for a whole year, yet, so it was a treat to experience my first Prairie Girls Easter Egg hunt. I don’t think we have a lot of podcast overlap, because I only got two eggs: Knitting Pipeline and In a sKnit. I am looking forward to hearing what the rest were.

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