Episode 88 – Retreat Recap

In this episode, the girls recount their amazing experience at the Knitting Pipeline retreat.

Listen here.

Look for the Suburban Prairie Kit on One Twisted Tree on March 11, 2016. Quantities are limited, so mark your calendars! Also check out the Prairie Girls Knit & Spin project bags available now!

For a complete list of the vendors at the retreat, check out this thread in the Knitting Pipeline Ravelry group.

3 thoughts on “Episode 88 – Retreat Recap

  1. I loved hearing about your trip to the knitting pipeline retreat! I’ve been listening to everyone who went in a little binge session. I would totally have a “fan girl moment” with all of you podcasters who keep me company while I knit. Except none of you know me. LOL I would need a disclaimer to hand out explaining I’m not crazy, just excited to be there. Great episode!!!!

  2. A vote was taken… a “tangle” of kntters. Can you tell me what that hat is in the bottom, left picture?

    Thanks for the fun show!

    • Hi there! That’s Zig by Sarah Schira, and is part of her Pomball collection. Highly recommend the pattern, it was so fun to knit even back-to-back like I did!

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