Episode 79 – Shawl Series 4: Lace & Beads

In this episode, the girls chat about lace and beads. Susie discovered she’s aggressive when it comes to finishing, and Danie got her math on.

Listen here.

Miscellaneous items, patterns, and designers mentioned include Sirka counters, the Midge Shawl, and Boo Knits.


The winner of the gorgeous Agatha Socks pattern by  the fantastic Claire of the NH Knits podcast was announced!

Finished Projects

Susie finished her Bob & Weave socks, and her Peekaboo sweater, despite a small son of a stitch with some of the undershirt detailing.

Current Projects

Danie worked more on her Featherweight Cardigan, and is almost done with the body. She cast on her Box Troll Mittens, and worked out the sleeve mods for her gauge on her Corrugated Box. She also cast on Equatorial Nights using fiberstory FAVE sock in Tardis, and the first of three Marisol the Knitted Mouse.

Susie cast on a Wild Goose Shawlette using Moonrover Wyld in Creature Report, and she loves the project so much she’s already almost done with it. She also cast on the second of her Fork in the Road Socks, and picked up her Anemone shawl to knit a few rows to get back into the swing of the pattern. She also cast on a brand new pair of socks, her Rainbow Connection Socks, using String Theory Colorworks Continuum Self-Striping in Trifolium.

Future Projects

Susie is looking forward to casting on Glenfiddich by Annamaria Otvos using Miss Babs Yowza in Cloak, despite her long-standing skepticism of v-neck cardigans. She has done her gauge swatch and the math, and has landed on a fitting plan.

Enhance the Stash

Danie acquired a fabulous skein of Lazy Bee Yarn Sock in the Not Knotted Now colorway.

Susie picked up some tasty stitch markers from Sucre Sucre Miniatures, and a couple more WIP Cozies and a Demitasse Notions Wallet from Kitchen Counter Crafter.

2 thoughts on “Episode 79 – Shawl Series 4: Lace & Beads

  1. Such a great episode ladies! I had a big smile on my face this morning while walking to work because of you two. Thanks so much!

  2. I loved my fifteen second dedication. It will be impossible to pick up a skein of yarn and not feel your presence!
    Thank you so much!

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