Episode 78 – Shawl Series 3: Multi-Color Shawls

In this episode, the girls chat about multi-colored shawls. Susie tries to get everyone drunk, and Danie says ‘Current Projects’ like a pro.

Listen here.

Miscellaneous things mentioned include Susie’s Bob & Weave sock pattern release (use code ‘3RDBDAY’ to get 33% off through October 9, 2015), Danie’s first and second Mama Vertebraes, and way too many multi-colored shawl patterns to link to. Please check out Susie’s queue and Danie’s favorites for patterns mentioned.


One Twisted Tree will be at the Nebraska Knit & Crochet Guild’s Fall Retreat’s market at Mahoney State Park on Sunday, September 27, 2015.


To win a copy of the gorgeous Agatha Socks pattern by  the fantastic Claire of the NH Knits podcast, post in the thread on the Ravelry group.

Finished Projects

Susie finished her Third Birthday Socks and they are a BIG hit! She also started and finished the pattern sample for her new shawl design the Hellebore Shawl.

Danie finished her Sugared Violets after a couple sons of a stitch. They were worth it though, because the finished shawl is stunning.

Current Projects

Susie is banging out her second Bang Whiz sock, and has reached the project’s tipping point. She also worked on her second Bob & Weave sock. She finished the body on her Peekaboo sweater and picked up the stitches for the first sleeve. It’s a little slow going because she’s magic-looping, and it’s not her favorite.

Danie worked a bit on her Featherweight Cardigan, and one her Stained Glass Sock Blanket. She also cast on Corrugated Box by von Hinterm Stein with One Twisted Tree Lavish in Shrewd Lady Mary.

New to Me

Susie has been enjoying a new-to-her audio podcast called The Sweet Georgia Show, hosted by Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia Yarns.

Enhance the Stash

Danie celebrated her birthday by treating herself to a Single Shot bag from Kitchen Counter Crafter, an Oh! Loops fingering-weight skein in Mermaid’s Song, and a Lo-Lo bar.

One thought on “Episode 78 – Shawl Series 3: Multi-Color Shawls

  1. Please forgive me on a couple of accounts. I’m thinking it was your podcast that I was listening to, and I think it was Danie that needed some suggestions about fur edging for a hood for your daughter? If I’m wrong just ignore this and we’ll forget my confusion 😉. This is what happens when you have entirely too much time to listen to so many podcasts…they get jumbled up in my head. With that said, here is a suggestion for a yarn for a hood edging: http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/childs-scoodie?utm_source=WhatCounts%2c+Publicaster+Edition&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=H2H+-+Oct+2015&utm_content=http%3a%2f%2fwww.redheart.com%2ffree-patterns%2fchilds-scoodie

    I really enjoy your podcast, you both are a lot of fun to listen to. Keep up the good work. Oh, I should probably explain why I have so much time to listen to podcasts, lest you think I don’t do anything else😇. My husband and I drive for a living, so I can have anywhere between 5 and 12 hours of driving a day and that requires a whole lot of podcasts and audio books.

    Have a lovely day


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