Episode 67 – Stroll Down FO Lane

In this episode, the girls revisit past finished objects. Danie ends her FO drought, and Susie recovers her mojo.

Listen here.

Finished Projects

Danie ended her FO drought by finishing her 60 Stitch Skyp Socks.

Current Projects

Susie started her Atlantic Current Socks, and finished the first one already. She is using the gusset from the Basic Sock with a Double Gusset Heel and adores it.

Danie worked a bit on her Awesome Socks.

Project Reconsideration

Danie reconsidered her Dude Socks, and has decided to keep husband socks simple.

New to Me

Danie discovered a new-to-her video podcast, Sockmatician, and she enjoys everything about it. Check it out!

3 thoughts on “Episode 67 – Stroll Down FO Lane

  1. Fun podcast, esp experiencing ur trip vicariously through you. I came looking for info on the new project bag… The one bought at Java Jane. The kitchen crafter bag? Or something like that? Thanks!
    P.s. love all those socks – I am a sock newbie and will be looking into the various patterns and methods.

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