Episode 66 – Needle Storage Natterings

In this episode, the girls natter about needle storage. Danie has fancy new glasses, and Susie has a bit of a periodic general funk.

Listen here.


The winner of the skein of yarn from One Twisted Tree was announced!

Finished Projects

Susie finished her Swirl E. Socks! The stripes match up very well, except for the color order on the heels. She decided the recipient could live with it rather than frogging.

Current Projects

Susie picked back up her Dragonflies Jumper, and cast on a new pair of husband socks.

Danie worked on her 60 Stitch Skyp Socks, as well as her Awesome Socks.

Danie worked just a little on her Dude Socks, got the heels knit in both of her 60 Stitch Skyp Socks, and started a new pair of Awesome Socks out of Kirbywirby yarn. She had a son of a stitch with herMama Vertebrae in the form of a dropped stitch she has decided to tack down rather than tink back to fix.

Future Projects

Susie plans on casting on the third curl, Gridelin, possibly out of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport in Baltic Heather, leftover from her Holloway. She also wants to cast on a pair of Atlantic Current Socks using Lorna’s Laces Solemate in Blue Skies Over Colorado.

One thought on “Episode 66 – Needle Storage Natterings

  1. I’m late to this post but have a workable solution for needle storage. I use a combination of luggage, pencil cases and the big box store cases. Let me explain.

    For dpn and fixed circulars, I use 5 zippered pencil cases. They are the kind used by kids in their trapper keeper with holes. I may be dating myself with that reference. But, either waare thin case 1, I have sizes 1, 6, 10.5. In case 2, I have sizes 2, 7, 11. Continue in this manner until all needles are stored. I can easily distinguish between the sizes at this point.

    For straight needles, I use what used to be known as a make up case or train case. This is just long enough for 14 inch length needles. Each size is held together with hair elastics. Rubber bands work but can break or stick to the needle.

    For crochet hooks, I utilize the cases sold in yarn departments of b8g box stores. Mine say they are from Boye. I keep the cases together.

    My interchangeable sets are kept in their cases. My afghan hooks and double ended hooks are in a needle storage case together. My very large needles are in their own needle case.

    I have a lot of hooks and needles. I teach and most are there for students to use so they can learn gauge. I have cubbies in the room I use for teaching. I use 3 for storing all this. Before cubbies, I had all this in a roll aboard suitcase under my bed.

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