Episode 65 – Easter Egg Hunt 2015

In this episode, the girls hide Easter eggs and give progress reports on their 2015 knitting plans. Susie remembers to bring her knitting to record a knitting podcast, and Danie searches for a sock pattern.

Listen here.

Miscellaneous mentions include Knitting Vintage Socks, Atlantic Current SocksLo-Lo bars, and Chromecast.


Enter to win a skein of yarn from One Twisted Tree by posting in the contest thread telling the girls if you were a flower, what kind of flower would you be? The thread will be open through April 8, 2015.

Current Projects

Susie finished the first of the pair of Swirl E. Socks, added the second skein of yarn to her Bonnie’s Wish, and added a few more squares to her scrap blanket.

Danie worked just a little on her Dude Socks, got the heels knit in both of her 60 Stitch Skyp Socks, and started a new pair of Awesome Socks out of Kirbywirby yarn. She had a son of a stitch with her Mama Vertebrae in the form of a dropped stitch she has decided to tack down rather than tink back to fix.

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