Episode 64 – Prairie Girls Freestyle

In this episode, the girls freestyle a variety of knitting-related segments. Danie works through more heel-related issues, and Susie liberates a long-languishing sock.

Listen here.


Enter to win a skein of yarn from One Twisted Tree by posting in the contest thread telling the girls if you were a flower, what kind of flower would you be? The thread will be open through April 8, 2015.

Finished Projects

Susie finished her Electric Rainbow Friendship Socks!

Current Projects

Danie started a second Mama Vertebrae using One Twisted Tree Lavish in Miss Fisher’s Pearl Handled Pistol, and worked on her 60 Stitch Skyp Socks. She also restarted one of her Dude Socks in the quest of a heel that fits right and that she can stand to knit repeatedly.

Susie worked on her scrap blanket as a sort of palate cleanser, after finishing the body of her Dragonflies Jumper. She also cast on a new pair of Swirl E. Socks using Knitterly Things Vesper Yarn in Junebug, and worked more on her Bonnie’s Wish.

Project Reconsideration

Susie reconsiders her John Huston, the Tarnished Hero socks. The intricate pattern coupled with the plain brown yarn has caused her to avoid the project for awhile, and talking through it with Danie allowed her to make the final decision.


Susie reviews her new Signature Needle Arts convertible circular needle.

New to Me

Susie is ecstatic with her first Suburban Stitcher bag!

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