Episode 63 – The Whys and Wherefores of Patterned Socks

In this episode, the girls discuss all things patterned sock. Susie wonders if her new hat makes her head look fat, and Danie is dainty (but only when she knits on itty bitty circs).

Miscellaneous patterns mentioned include the Zigzagular Socks and the Bayerische Socks.

Listen here.

Finished Projects

In the space of the week since the last episode, Susie started and finished a Rikke hat.

Current Projects

Susie knit a bit more on her Dragonflies Jumper until a needle snafu sidelined the project. She had a minor son of a stitch on her Electric Rainbow Friendship Socks in that she did a couple too many gusset decreases and had to tink. She got that straight and is zooming towards the toe decreases. She also picked up her Bonnie’s Wish, and will work on getting over some nit-pickiness.

With her limited knitting time this week, Danie worked some on her 60 Stitch Skyp Socks. She also put in two different heels into her Dude Socks to check to see which heel fits best.


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