Episode 59 – WIP Management

In this episode, the girls talk about their WIP management strategies. Susie questions how many buttons are too many buttons, and Danie works through her heel issues.

Listen here.


Enter to win a copy of the Twisted Sand Mitts pattern or the Triple Swell Hat pattern! Post in the contest thread on the Ravelry group and tell us where you see yourself wearing these lovely accessories, and we will randomly draw two lucky winners.

Current Projects

Susie knit her Water and Stone to the cuff, and so far everything is going according to plan. She also picked up stitches for the button side of the buttonband on her Chill Chaser Cardigan, and knit to the heel on her Electric Rainbow Friendship Socks. The more she knits the more she likes. She also cast on a new project – the Ozukuri Lace Shawl.

Danie got past the heel on her first Stitches Socks. She also finished the first of her worsted weight socks, minus the heel (which is an intentional afterthought), and finished the toe on the second one, and picked up the stitches for the first sleeve on her Mama Vertebrae.

Wear Report

Danie has darned her Dinna Fash Mittens. Despite how early the darning was needed, she adores them. They are wonderfully warm, and the yarn is holding up well aside from the thumb bits.

New to Me

Danie loves her Knit Picks crochet hook keychain, and Susie only wants to drink out of her Gnome Acres mugs.

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