Episode 58 – 2015 Knitting Plans

In this episode, the girls talk about their knitting plans for the year. Danie kept a narrow knitting focus over the break, and Susie knit on all the things.

Listen here.


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Finished Projects

Danie finished another pair of mittens and another Barley hat with a pompom. They are out of some fun yarn she dyed herself, that look like a funfetti cupcake in yarn form.

Susie finished her first curl, Caesious. It’s beautiful, and she’s working through the usual style issues she has with shawls. She also finished her second Conjunction Cowl and has been wearing it pretty much non-stop. Also finished are the Monkey gift socks, after a couple of minor hiccups along the way.

Current Projects

Danie made progress on her Featherweight Cardigan. She is nearing the end of the body, but that’s relative when it’s a fingering weight sweater. She also worked on her Stitches Socks, and after ripping out the heel four times she settled one and is pressing on. She also just cast on a pair of worsted weight socks for herself.

In a succinct rundown, Susie worked on her Chill Chaser Cardigan, Water and Stone, Bonnie’s Wish, and Electric Rainbow Friendship Socks. She also started a new sweater, Dragonflies Jumper.

2015 Knitting Plans

Susie plans on WIP cracking and stash culling.

Danie plans on knitting with MadTosh, finishing three sweaters, knitting three ‘brown bag’ socks, and taking two of her hoarded Craftsy classes.

2 thoughts on “Episode 58 – 2015 Knitting Plans

  1. Hi!
    Love your podcast. Was listening when you were the talking about knitting socks for a friend who was not there. I too have used Charlene Schurch. What has worked even better for me and gives a perfectly fit doc is the Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist. The technique is fantastic. The pattern is only $1.00 on Ravelry. Check it out.

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