Episode 57 – WIPs-apalooza

In this episode, the girls talk a lot about knitting (surprise!). Danie makes a pompom in spite of her strong feelings about them, and Susie may never have a finished project again at the rate she’s casting new ones on.

Listen here.


The 2014 Legend-Prairie contest is running through January 7, 2015! Tell us about your most legend-prairie project of the year!

Finished Projects

Danie finished a pair of mittens that she worked up on the fly, and a Barley hat with a fabulous pompom.

Current Projects

Susie worked a little on her Conjunction Cowl, and on her Water and Stone. She knit through the heel and the gusset decreases on her John Huston socks, despite questioning the purpose of patterned heels although she can’t deny it looks good. She cast on her first of many curls Caesious using Spark Story Bounce in Spectra, Bonnie’s Wish using Malabrigo Arroyo in Borrajas, and Monkey socks using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Multi in Rainbow. And finally, a son of stitch in the form of an afterthought heel stalled the progress on her Electric Rainbow Friendship socks, but Danie talks her through her thought process and she is backing away from ripping out entirely.

Danie worked on her Mama Vertebrae, and just has to be convinced to go ahead and knit the sleeves which Susie tried to do, on her Swirl E Rainbow Socks, and on another pair of kid mittens. She stalled a bit on her My First Stitches Socks due to heel issues. Undeterred, she will continue working on determining the number of heel stitches so they fit perfectly. After a little break.

Stash Enhancement

Danie enhanced her stash with some lovelies from a local dyer The Dyeing Arts – Splendiferious Sock in Bifrost Bridge and some silk hankies.

Susie scored her first MarigoldJen in her BFL/Nylon base in Merry and Bright. And she EARNED a sweater’s quantity of madelinetosh tosh sport in Tart.


Susie received her pre-order of Curls by Hunter Hammersen. Both girls are super impressed with the book. The designs are interesting, and the versatility as to the yarn options is a huge plus.

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