Episode 52 – Product or Process?

In this episode, the girls rehash product- and process-knitting. Susie finishes things, and Danie dyes some fabulous yarn.

Listen here.


The Chill Chaser KAL is going on September 1, 2014 through October 31, 2014. Check out this blog post for details! Here is a link to the official KAL thread on the Friends of Spud & Chloe Ravelry group, and a link to the KAL thread on the PGK&S Ravelry group.

Finished Projects

Susie finished her Bright Sunshiney Hat, and it makes Danie laugh with its bright sunshiney-ness. She also finished her Second Birthday Socks, and they are a hit with the toddler! She also finished some secret knitting and released the pattern for the Conjunction Cowl.

Current Projects

Danie is working on her own Conjunction Cowl, using amazing yarn she dyed herself in a deep purple and a gray gradient. She also worked more on her Exploding Tardis Socks, and worked her first OMG heels. She also worked on her Chill Chaser Hoodie and modified the hood, which was definitely the right call.

Susie worked exclusively on her Overlynd. She’s trying to finish it in about three weeks, which feels a little daunting to her at this point.

Knits on Screen

On the season premier of Big Bang Theory, there was a hilarious KIPing scene!

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