Episode 44 – Stitches Preparedness

In this episode, the girls strategize all things Stitches. Susie is euphoric, and Danie is a complicated knitter.

Listen here.

Miscellaneous finished projects mentioned include Susie’s Tan House Brook Shawl, Rainbow Oops! socks, Elizabeth Shawl, and Danie’s Tan House Brook Shawl.

Miscellaneous current projects mentioned include Susie’s gift-for-a-friend socks and Danie’s Featherweight Cardigan.


Stitches Midwest is in Schaumburg, IL August 7 – 10!

Current Projects

Susie once again worked exclusively on her Hitofude Cardigan, and she is so close to the end. While she’s a little nervous about the fit, she could easily be talked in to knitting another, whether for herself or for a fabulous friend.

Danie added a few triangles to her Spectra, and a few inches to her Broncos Socks. She also restarted her Bramble Fern using Cascade 220 Superwash in a light gray.

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