Episode 43 – How Do Prairie Girls Learn Best

In this episode, the girls compare notes on how they learn best. Danie had fun with sock blanks, and Susie was a one-project knitter.

Listen here.


Stitches Midwest is in Schaumburg, IL August 7 – 10!

Finished Projects

Danie dyed not one, but two sock blanks she worked up (with a little help) using Knit Picks Bare Stroll. One is a Broncos-inspired colorway in blue and orange, and the other a rainbow gradient.

Current Projects

Susie worked exclusively on her Hitofude Cardigan, and is hoping to be finished with it very soon.

Danie continued working on her Featherweight Cardigan, and is making steady progress. Her Bramble Fern is in a temporary timeout, so she cast on socks from her Broncos yarn, and is trying a customized toe, and knit a bit on her Spectra as well.

Project Reconsideration

Susie is reconsidering a long-suffering Christmas stocking.

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