Episode 31 – Knitting Wishes and Spinning Dreams

In this episode, the Prairie Girls hatch plans for their hypothetical lottery winnings. Danie puts her foot down on a pair of socks, and Susie defends stashing.

Listen here.


The winner of the “Would You Rather…?” contest is announced!

Finished Projects

Susie finished her Transition Gloves! She is happy with them, but if doing so was an option for her, she’d lengthen the hand a bit.

Current Projects

Danie worked on her StarBrite socks. She is bound and determined to get them finished. Soon. She also brought her Dreambird out of hibernation and is excited to be at the halfway point and is looking forward to working more on it. And she spun! And dyed!

Susie had a son of a stitch and ripped out her  Bubble Stream socks. She also started a second pair of her Zigzagular Socks,  picked up her Elizabeth shawl, and started seaming her Grenadine. She is trying to be mindful with the seaming, and is not allowing herself to rush through it.


Danie is thinking about trying her hand at weaving, what with all her spare time and all.

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