Episode 26 – 2014 Ravellenics Recap from Day 4 (recorded 2/10/14)

In this episode, the Prairie Girls recap their 2014 Ravellenics progress through Day 4. Susie sets herself a good pace, and Danie gets back on track after taking a couple penalty laps.

Listen here.


Join the Prairie Girls on Team Sasquatch for the 2014 Ravellenic Games! Danie will be knitting the Middlefield Pullover, and Susie the Ahoy! Matey.

Current Projects

Danie worked on her Wrapped in Leaves shawl but feels like she didn’t make a lot of progress. Conversely, her  StarBrite Socks now have a fair amount of leg.

Susie finished the first of her Conwy socks. She decided to go for it, and did the contrast toe “plus” in leftover red sock yarn.

Project Reconsideration

Susie is reconsidering her Providence Hoodie (correction: designed by Melissa LaBarre). Looking at it again, she thinks she going to reconsider reconsidering it, and may hang on to it.

2014 Ravellenics Recap

Susie finished the front of her Ahoy Matey! or The Pirate Pullover. She needs to finish the first sleeve by the end of the week to get to the halfway point, and she feels comfortable with that pace.

Danie is feeling good about her progress on her Middlefield Pullover, despite her ease concerns. She has separated for the sleeves, and is pleased by the fit so far.

New to Me

Susie got a fabulous new project yarn from Halcyarn. It is her perfect project bag, and she loves it.

Knits on Screen

Danie discussed the pros and cons of the knitting seen at the 2014 Olympics.

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