Episode 24 – Prairie Girls Potpourri

In this episode, the Prairie Girls chat about stitch markers and Nebraska living. Danie puts her pie-making skills to work, and Susie works through a dilemma.

Listen here.

The girls mention the Stitched Together podcast, Clover interlocking stitch markers, Knit Picks metal stitch markers, Clover split ring markers, Memorial Stadium, Warren BuffetHenry Doorly Zoo, the College World Series, US Olympic Swim Trials, US Figure Skating Championships, and Runza.


Join the Prairie Girls on Team Sasquatch for the 2014 Ravellenic Games! Danie will be knitting the Middlefield Pullover, and Susie the Ahoy! Matey.

Finished Projects

Danie finished her 22 Little Clouds. The ruffle didn’t impressive her straight off the needles, but a nice blocking made it lovely.

Susie finished her second Measure in Love. Danie helped her realize the wisdom of giving it as intended – there is always more yarn to knit another.

Current Projects

Susie made some good progress  on her Conwy socks. She finished the leg and is working on the heel flap with the reinforcement thread. She also worked on her Hiro and has started the colorwork.

Danie worked on her StarBrite Socks. She also worked on her Wrapped in Leaves.

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