Episode 23 – Block(ing) Party

In this episode, the Prairie Girls discuss blocking. Danie brings things back around, and Susie feels strongly about other things.

Listen here.

Miscellaneous projects mentioned include Susie’s Measure in LovePiper’s Journey, and Lintilla, and Danie’s Owl Sweater, Dreambird, Alaska Clouds, Wrapped in Leaves, a couple baby blankets, and Entangled Vines.


Join the Prairie Girls on Team Sasquatch for the 2014 Ravellenic Games! Danie will be knitting the Middlefield Pullover, and Susie the Ahoy! Matey.

Finished Projects

Danie finished her Lintilla. She loves it, but is considering re-homing it.

Current Projects

Susie keeps on keeping on, and knit on her second Measure in Love and her Conwy socks. She hit a minor son of a stitch with her Hiro and its bust darts, but the second attempt seems to have worked out.

In a push to finish projects before the start of the Ravellenic Games, Danie focused on her StarBrite Socks.


Susie hates green beans. A lot.

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