Episode 19 – Knitting Ennui

In this episode, the Prairie Girls talk about when their knitting slumps and how they get their mojo back. Susie emotes all over the place, and Danie hand-graphs a cable chart for naught.

Listen here.


The 2013 Legend-Prairie contest is underway! From now until January 5, 2014, post the project you consider to your most legendary of 2013 in the contest thread in the Ravelry group.

Finished Projects

Danie knit a Basic Man Beanie (no Ravelry project page at the time of publishing these shownotes!)  knit on US 7 /4.5mm in what may be Cascade 220 worsted in a graphite grey color.

Susie finished her Fleck hat out of Malabrigo Rios in the Vaa colorway, persevering through several son of a stitch moments involving the crown.

Current Projects

Susie worked a bit on her Hiro, had a son of a stitch finishing the toe of the first Zigzagular Socks, and knit a little on the second of her Transition Gloves.

Danie picked back up a Christmas stocking using the pattern A NEW Family Christmas. She also continued with her StarBrite Socks and her Lintilla, and made decent headway on her Entangled Vines. She has a bit of a son of the stitch on the sleeves, but it worked itself out.

Wear Report

Susie reported on the wear of the First Birthday Socks. All in all, they’re holding up really well.

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