Episode 13 – Let’s Talk About Socks, Baby

In this episode, the Prairie Girls have an off-the-cuff conversation about socks. Susie confuses Holloway with Lintilla, and Danie self-soothes with her sock yarn babies.

Listen here.

Miscellaneous projects mentioned include Danie’s First Toe Up Socks and Susie’s Basic Socks and Julia Socks.

Finished Projects

Danie finished her Slither Socks, after a son of stitch resulting in a little sock surgery.

Current Projects

Danie worked a bit on her Copper Socks, and discovered her Lintilla has a magically replenishing ball of yarn attached to it.

Susie worked a little on her Mother’s Day Socks and finished the front of her Holloway Pullover. In a son of a stitch, she decided to frog the massive sleeve she started and cast on again several sizes smaller. She also started her Transition Gloves. Keeping with the “ridiculously huge” theme of her knitting week, frogged the first attempt and began again with smaller needles.

Project: Reconsideration

Danie has reconsidered her $5 in Paris in favor of two Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigans.

Enhance the Stash

Danie’s sock yarn stash was enhanced by skein of Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Tea Party.

Unhance the Stash

Danie helped Susie work through a moral dilemma involving The Plan and how close she is to the next level of Loopy Rewards.

Knits on Screen

Susie spied a yarn-filled moment on last week’s New Girl, when Nick holds up an enormous cone of yarn and asks Jess if she’s knitting a mansion.


Susie has issues with the number 13.

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