Episode 12 – Project: Reconsideration

In this episode, the Prairie Girls have second thoughts about a couple of their projects. Susie stays strong in the face of pretty yarn and Danie reveals her knitting super power.

Listen here.

Miscellaneous patterns mentioned include Maluka, Rossbeg, and Kerrera For Kids.

Finished Projects

Danie finished her Feel-Good Trifecta Cowl. And she does, after having a minor self-described rant and rave over her attempt at seaming. She got a little help from a friend at knit night and grafted it instead and it looks lovely. She also finished a Max’s Staircase Tam using the yarn the girls received as part of the Nebraska Knit and Crochet Guild’s 2013 Fall Retreat goody bag.

Susie finished the First Birthday Socks, and they were very appropriately worn at the first birthday party.

Current Projects

Susie started the front of her Holloway Pullover. She’s clipping along at a fairly good pace, but is finding it somewhat slower going than the back. She also had a slight son of a stitch with her TGV that may turn out to not be a son of a stitch after all.

Danie worked on her Serpentine Socks, but just barely. She worked a lot on Lintilla, because she was in a potato-chippy kind of knitting place this past week. Her $5 in Paris threw her another son of a stitch, but hers was for real. She did fit in a little bit of spinning in to her week.

Project: Reconsideration

Susie is reconsidering her Effortless Cardigan. She has sentimental attachment to the idea of the project more so than the project itself, but is coming to terms with the fact that the thing is just too big.

Danie is beginning to reconsider her $5 in Paris, but is not making any hasty decisions.

Enhance the Stash

Danie picked up a couple skeins of Patons Kroy Socks FX, one each of Celestial Colors and Blue Stripes Rag.

Unhance the Stash

In an update so small it’s almost not an update all, Susie dug up the Shibui Knits Sock that she’ll use for her Transition Gloves to serve as a little motivation when her Holloway Pullover becomes a slog.


Danie knits awesomely ridiculous hats.

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