Episode 10 – It’s Mostly About the Yarn, Really

In this episode, the Prairie Girls’ planned retreat review got hi-jacked by yarn talk. Susie had a moment when revealing who she would knit socks for, and Danie recounted how she skipped around the retreat’s market.

Listen here.


The winner of the celebrity socks contest was announced!

Current Projects

Danie focused on her Lintilla, but not so much that she didn’t have to tink back a couple rows.  She also had a minor son of a stitch with her $5 in Paris. Pro tip: short rows and stripes do not mix.

Susie ripped back many inches on her Holloway Pullover, but since she was happy to do it she didn’t call it a son of a stitch. She also started a TGV (High Speed Knitting) as her retreat project.

Enhance the Stash

Susie managed to fall down pre-treat and scored a skein of String Theory Colorworks’ Continuum Self-Striping in Trifolium. At the retreat’s market, she got a skein of The Dyeing Arts Splendiferous Sock in Old Hippies and one of Busy Mind Designs‘ The Standard bag in a garden gnome print.

Danie won the market, coming home with a skein of Lazy Bee Yarns sock yarn in Silver Linings and cleaning up at The Dyeing Arts with a skein of Splendiferous Sock in Saxon Gold and both silk fiber as well as Lush in Prism.  She also got one of The Standard bags from Busy Mind Designs in a comic book print.

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