Episode 5 – The Evolution of Two Knitters’ Stashes

In this episode, the Prairie Girls reflect upon how their stashes have changed along with them over the years. Danie has both amazing legs and an amazing pair of socks, and Susie recovers from two Kiku-related tragedies.

Listen here.

When talking about her meager stash of sweater-quantity yarn, Susie mentions her February Lady Sweater.


We want you to answer a burning question: If you were to knit socks for a celebrity, who would it be and why? To enter to win a skein of Malabrigo Rios in Archangel and a set of stitch markers handmade by Danie, please join our Ravelry group and post your answer in the contest thread. We’ll leave the thread open through September 29, 2013, and will announce the randomly-selected winner on that week’s podcast.


We’re attending a fiber prep class at Tonya’s Cute by Design on August 29.

The Nebraska Knit and Crochet Guild‘s annual retreat at Mahoney State Park is September 27 – 29.

Finished Projects

Danie finished her Purple Haze socks! They fit fantastically, and as an added bonus she has enough yarn to make a second pair. She also finished her Stormy Cloud (Mountain Colors’s Chinook) singles and is looking forward to plying them.

Current Projects

Danie continues to work on her Dreambird, despite a son-of-a-stitch moment at knit night. She also cast on a new pair of sport-weight socks after finishing the Purple Haze socks and pouting because she didn’t have socks to knit.

Susie experienced TWO son-of-a-stitch moments while working on her Kiku over the weekend, involving dropped stitches that couldn’t be saved. One was tinked back, the other was ripped. She and Kiku have just barely gotten back on speaking terms.


The girls review The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits from a super-huge-fan (Danie) perspective and a not-super-huge-fan perspective (Susie). Danie would definitely buy it again, and Susie wouldn’t.

Knits on Screen

Susie happened to catch the finalist episode from the Texas season of Top Chef and was delighted by Sarah’s red-and-white striped hat with a pom pom and ear flaps.

Danie again spied knitwear on Breaking Pointe that Susie somehow completely missed in the form of a gorgeous sweater with horizontal cables worn by Christiana.

Enhance the Stash 

Danie got her hot little hands on some Malabrigo Nube in Plomo!


Striped socks freak Danie out. Rubber bands do too.

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