Episode 2 – Summer Knitting, Had Me a Blast

In this episode, the Prairie Girls chat about what they like to knit during the hot summer months.  Danie tells how she got her DIY-on and Susie lists the usual places you can find one of her socks-in-progress.

Listen here.

Finished Projects

Danie finished her first bobbin of her Stormy Cloud BFL (the Chinook colorway from Mountain Colors Inc.) and is eager to get the second started and finished so she can get to plying. She also plied her long draw experimental singles from Tour de Fleece. Verdict? She’s happy with them.  Susie was most excited by the PVC niddy noddy Danie made herself using this tutorial.

Current Projects

Susie is not surprisingly knitting only on her Camp Loopy Project 3, Kiku by Anna Sudo using madelinetosh prairie in Steamer Trunk using US2/2.75mm needles. She is still concerned about the deadline, but is keeping her head down and her eye on the finish line.

Danie is slogging through her latest OpArt blanket by Melissa Dominguez using Red Heart Soft in guacamole and black. She decided mid-episode to add a final black stripe and call it good. She is also becoming more and more sure she’s turning into a sock knitter, thanks to her Purple Haze socks that she’s using to develop her own sock recipe.

Knits on Screen

Danie is watching Orange is the New Black and honed in on some brown fingerless gloves. In the same episode, she also picked up on a reference to a character knitting when she might have in fact been crocheting. She also caught a glimpse of what might have been handknit socks on Breaking Pointe.

Enhance the Stash

Susie got her hot little hands on a couple skeins of Into the Whirled Pakokku in Captain Tightpants and Walla Walla. She thinks she might have chosen better to get two more different colorways, but she must be drawn to these particular colors at the moment…

Danie ordered some Knit Picks Bare Stroll fiber, and scored a free set of interchangeable nickel-plated cable needles. She also picked up a spinning DVD “Drafting: The Long and Short of It” with Abby Franquemont. She’s looking forward to putting into practice some of the things she’s learning. Stay tuned for a review!

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