Episode 1 – A Very Good Place to Start

In this episode, the Prairie Girls introduce themselves and talk about their current, finished and future knitting and spinning projects. Danie theorizes about sock knitting, and Susie confesses her deep and unabiding love of finishing work.

Listen here.

Current Projects

Danie is working on her (second) OpArt blanket by Melissa Dominguez using Red Heart in Black and Guacamole, and some socks that Susie bribed her into starting.  She is having more fun than she would ever have expected, despite ripping out and restarting several times. She is determined to find her “perfect” stitch count to create her sock recipe.

Susie is knitting on her Ten Stitch Twist by Frankie Brown using her sock yarn scraps. Despite being sure it’s shaping up to be a pretty hideous blanket, she’s sticking with it. Even if it takes 10-15 years.

Finished Projects

Susie finished her Camp Loopy Project 1 back in June, the Olympic National Park Shawl by verybusymonkey using madelinetosh tosh merino light. She loves how it turned out, and is still a little surprised at how quickly she managed to knit it. She also finished her Camp Loopy Project 2 in July, the Lintilla by Martina Behm using Shibui Knits Sock in Dragonfly. It not only has just the right amount of ruffle, it also perfectly matches the vision she had in her mind when pairing the pattern and yarn, and that makes her ecstatic.

Danie finished her Find a Penny by Lindsey Tabsh using her very first finished handspun.  She managed to use just about every last bit of her gorgeous handspun, which is a very good thing.

Future Projects

While she is currently spinning some stormy-colored BFL, Danie is aiming for a light fingering weight 2-ply and is perusing her options on Ravelry but hasn’t committed to anything yet.

Susie will be casting on for her Camp Loopy Project 3 on August 1st. She will be knitting Kiku by Anna Sudo using madelinetosh prairie in Steamer Trunk.


Susie confesses just how much she enjoys the finishing work of her projects, and that she sometimes takes it to the extreme.

Knits on Screen

Danie got distracted by Dr. Watson’s sweater in Sherlock, and Gru’s scarf and Edith’s hat in Despicable Me 2.

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